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My Perspective on Wealth Building: All That I Know and All that you need to know about wealth accumulation


I am not worth $1m yet neither do I have $100,000 liquid cash stashed somewhere. However this is an attempt to document what I have learnt so far on my pursuit and what drives my actions on the journey. So if you think you don’t want to take wealth advice from those who haven’t made wealth yet, feel free to stop reading from here. However, if like myself, you are still on the journey and interested in hearing how your friend from the other end of the world is thinking about wealth building and what sort of actions they are taking, this is particularly for you. Please read on.

  1. Wealth is built out of thin air sustained only by how much risk you are willing to take. You can rise from nothing to something overnight.
  2. Start a business: If you look around the world over, you’d find 101 business financing opportunities for every one personal loan opportunity that you find. The reason is simple. Businesses are creating value and when the value they create outweighs the cost of creation, returns are made and loans can be repaid. And remember, unlike your salary, value creation potential is never capped. The more you add the more you are able to extract (potentially).
  3. Wealth cannot be built alone. You need all the support and most importantly you need your community. 
  4. Understand that money is abundant and always in search for a productive use. Be worthy of this money by building businesses that can deliver value in excess of your required cost of capital. At the very least, you will secure a loan (debt financing). At best, you secure equity.

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